Move 4

Jul. 25th, 2017 04:24 pm
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Time: 361 (high calendar)
Place: out-rift near Station Moongray

[GM's note: I know several characters/players are still resolving matters from Move 3. That's fine! You may continue posting to Move 3 to resolve those threads or shift threads over to Move 4 to reflect the changed state of affairs, whichever you feel more comfortable with. Ashari and the rest probably ought to settle the matter of who's going where.]

A few new things happen.

Presumably Sasha has some kind of alert set up on the virus. She notices that it's trying to wriggle its way out into the wider grid, specifically so it can listen in on conversations and send back recordings to its unknown master.

[Since the grid responds to voice address, it's a fair bet that some form of sensors are always active within the Wasp.]

Meanwhile, Kaliyan, who is monitoring Scan from the Wasp's cockpit/command center, gets an alert from the Wasp's automated functions. While the "welcome message" from Station Moongray is still droning on repeat, what looks like the research moth Butterfly Lens is starting to move in the Wasp's direction.

What's more, a basic query of Scan will reveal that a second spacecraft has come out from the Scan shadow of a large nearby planetoid, and is also converging on the Wasp's location. While this second spacecraft isn't making any (more) effort to hide itself, any check on Scan will reveal that, unlike the Butterfly Lens, this second moth has some armaments. It's not a full-fledged warship--and it's almost certainly not Kel, since the Kel avoid traveling alone if they can help it--but it's probably intended for local defense.

[EDITED TO ADD: Sorry, I glitched and forgot]
If Yehan gets a good luck at the second ship on visuals, she'll notice with some surprise that it looks like a ship out of the past--there are markings on it that look Naxorian, but weirdly distorted, like it's from another dialect or related symbology.

[admin] announcement

Jul. 21st, 2017 04:09 pm
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I'm going to be on-call for jury duty for a full two weeks from July 31 to August 11. "On-call" means I may never have to go in at all. But I might have to go in, and we're forbidden from having cell phones or laptops or even ereaders. So if they do call me in, I'm only going to be online in the evenings (CST), and my responses will be delayed until those hours. I just wanted y'all to be prepared for potential slower responses those two weeks.

[admin] GM policy note

Jul. 21st, 2017 04:00 pm
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[personal profile] vass brought up the question of party-splitting in this thread.

My policy (as posted there, and reiterated here) is as follows:
I agree that having anyone's character sit out while others Do Things is generally not fun, and that I want to avoid that happening unless it's prearranged (e.g. someone is on vacation for a couple weeks and needs their character to be off doing other things). If you choose to have Iawa stay behind, [personal profile] vass, I will make sure that there is stuff for you to do. From my perspective splitting the party for any length of time is not ideal simply because it reduces inter-player interaction and the more independent plots there are, the harder it is for me to coordinate them. But if that's how you want to handle it, I will definitely make sure (say) Iawa gets juicy plot time.

Any questions or concerns, please discuss in comments or message/email ([personal profile] yhlee / yoon at yoonhalee dot com), whichever you feel more comfortable with.
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[I'm bad at tracking multiple conversations at once, and there wasn't really a convenient time to do it during Move 2, but Virmad and Yehan found time to chat about language stuff at some point during the trip — we'll say they're in the same ambiguous common area where the “Off Duty Conversations” took place; anyone else who’s interested is free to drop in as they see fit!

Virmad is sitting at a table in the common area with books and notes spread out around him — all either in Tlen Gwa (the book at the center of the arrangement, some of the notes) or about Tlen Gwa (everything else). Yehan is passing idly by en route to nowhere in particular, and the foreign script catches her eye.]

Move 3

Jul. 17th, 2017 11:59 am
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Time: 361 (high calendar)
Place: out-rift near Station Moongray

[Edited to add: NOTE: I'm flying back home tomorrow but will be keeping an eye on this move or any questions you might have. I should be able to resume normal GMing activities starting Wednesday. Sorry about that!--YHL]

[GM's note: feel free to continue to wrap up any last business in Move 2.]

Whoever is monitoring the Wasp notes that there are no major issues emerging from the rift into the target place and time. The visuals show strange energies crackling around the moth as it passes back into normal space-time. For days afterward, the energies' patterns haunt your dreams, as though conveying a coded message in a language you knew before your birth.

It doesn't take long for someone to notice your arrival. A transmission arrives from the direction of Station Moongray. The Wasp's mothgrid asks for your attention, and plays it. The message is given first in the high language, then repeated several times in other "low" languages: "Greetings, travelers. This is Station Moongray of the heptarchate, under the command of Administrator Nirai Paerani. Do you require an escort to the station?" It is accompanied by a local starmap giving coordinates to the station and the identifying information of a proposed escort, a non-combat research moth called the Butterfly Lens that has been patrolling the rift. The transmission goes on to offer succor in exchange for information about the other side of the rift.

[Players should feel free to discuss their response then, possibly, open communications with the station. The administrator will repeat the greeting message until someone responds or the Wasp attempts to approach the station.

Yehan will notice that someone has taken the task of translation very seriously--the heptarchate doesn't have the greatest track record in this area, but the low language translations are extremely competent, fairly polite, and convey a sense of eagerness for contact with people who can bring the station information about other times and places.

The Wasp's more advanced scan functions can verify the presence of the Butterfly Lens about a half day away and whoever queries scan will be almost certain that it only has the kind of light armaments that you'd use to defend against local debris.]

Not of particular interest

Jul. 14th, 2017 09:49 am
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I forgot I joined this group. I used to (heart) gymrats in eljayland.

It's over a year since my unexplained nerve pinch injury, and I'm mostly back?

My weakest area remains my bench, but it's not far off. I used to hit 235 for 1-2, yesterday I hit 215 for a single. I'm trying to do more size (big but boring) work and put dips back in, trying to nail form rather than show off by tying on 70-90 lbs hanging from a belt.

My squat is mixed, but mostly up. I've pushed from my 315 plateau to singles and doubles at 345. I had some unexplained setbacks / fails at 345 and am unsure of whether to repeat or drop (probably repeat). I'm also doing more light rep work at some expense of lunges and front squats. I want to do them all but when my workouts hit 2 hours I am kinda done.

My DL is a mild disappointment, where I think I peaked at doubles at 445, now I've only hit - and failed - singles at 445 recently. I'm 100% doing a reset on DL. I also wonder if my recent form-cue changes have impacted this, but I'd rather fix my form than have another mystery nerve pinch.
* in my public gold's gym world, a 405 DL is often a wow-conversation starter

OP is about as weak as bench, where I had previously done 155 for doubles, now I'm 145 for a single. I'm 80% less likely to cheat though, fighting the urge to lean back and wiggle up my weights. There is no medal for back-bending inverted bench air press (give me some credit, at least I don't push press and deny it).

I thnk the big-but-boring 5x10 50/60% reps are helping with my lack of formal conditioning, but I'm also trying to do just a little, some 3 minute jumprope sessions and the like. I may try to see if I can heavybag without my bad elbows creeping back up. Pokemon walking probably isn't conditioning, but it does make people look at me strangely. "Doesn't my grandson play that game?"
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[ Source @ BBC News online: ]

Record number of environmental activists killed around the world

By Matt McGrath, Environment correspondent

Growing competition for land and natural resources saw a record number of environmental activists killed in 2016, says Global Witness. The green group's report details at least 200 murders across 24 countries, up significantly from 2015. Disputes over mining were the cause of the greatest number of killings, followed by logging and agribusiness. Brazil saw the most deaths overall, but there were big increases in Colombia and India.

Global Witness has been publishing annual reports on the threats to activists since 2012, although it has data going back to 2002. The organisation compiles its analysis from media sources, information from other non-governmental organisations and from the UN. It also verifies the data with monitoring groups in priority countries, such as Brazil, Colombia, Honduras and the Philippines.

Some 60% of the killings last year took place in Latin America, with a significant number of victims from indigenous communities. According to those who compiled the report, those doing the killing have become bolder in recent years.

"We've always thought of these cases taking place in remote isolated areas but we are seeing attacks becoming more brazen, and that's because so few of these cases result in successful prosecutions," said Billy Kyte from Global Witness. "Indigenous people are massively over represented in the figures and that's because many of their lands overlap with lands rich in minerals and timber and also because they have less access to justice or communications."

Disputes about mining resulted in 33 murders, while those linked to logging increased from 15 to 23 in a year. A similar number were linked to agribusiness projects.

Full text of article for archiving purposes. )


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