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So, aside from several of my friends working on this game, it's going to be a social game about historical China, and women, being awesome.

Matriarchy Kickstarter

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Original plus post at Gabby's Playhouse

One thing I think people mix up, all too easily, is the idea that the internet is primarily to blame for bad social behavior. While it's true people will pull more shit than if they have to face direct consequences... the fact is that these behaviors happen face to face as well, so the internet isn't the problem...

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via behlehman:

RPGirl zine is setting up for their next issue, and they're looking for submissions.

I snagged the first issue and was really impressed with how much info they had, and how real it was- it's definitely for women by women without BS performative aspects (ala Marvel "Models" or "Part Time Sorceress" antics).

If you're a gamer on my flist, definitely check it out and consider contributing.
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Role Playing Girl is a zine (print & PDF) that is written, edited, illustrated, etc. by women who are involved in the roleplaying hobby- as designers, publishers, and gamers.

I've just gotten my copy, and only had a chance to skim it, but two things immediate jumped out at me:

First, that the zine does an incredible job of highlighting and promoting - there's 25 notable women in roleplaying - listing credits of games they've worked on, in what fashion, links to websites, blogs, galleries, etc. There's listings of conventions, games, podcasts, communities, etc. I mean, there's a lot there.

Second, that the articles mostly have pictures of the authors with them. If you're not seeing enough women in gaming (whether because you're isolated or because you're not looking) it puts faces for you to relate to. Not that I think there's any need to "prove with pictures" for legitimacy, but if you're dealing with people's monkey brain of assumptions, images are one way to go straight to the point.

Anyway, something for my roleplaying gamer folks to check out.


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