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That steampunk idea? Finally came to me.
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(a 4E D&D campaign idea, finally that POC urban fantasy idea? Finally came through)

We are all that remains.

The winds grew stronger and the clouds darker. Everyone knew a storm was coming, but none expected children to be born, grow old, and have their own as it grew and grew. The people called on the wise, and even the wise worried at the darkening times.

It would be a storm greater than anything the world had ever seen.
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(First idea for a pregenerated character for my Burning Wheel campaign)

Aminah's life has never been easy. Living near the Christian north, with the constant skirmishing and war has given her much familiarity with blood and the death rattles of the wounded. While her husband raided and fought for glory, she has been fighting a secret war against the Absence - ralliying and commanding troops from the keep. Two months ago, he met his appointed hour, leaving her with two wars to fight.

Now she prepares to travel to Cordoba, to gain official recognition of inheritance of her husband's land, and to make a fatal blow against the Absence so she can focus her attentions solely upon the threat without- after all, whether demon or man- who can last without belief in the Highest?
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Desire to play Burning Wheel + reading up on Islamic theological scholars + idea at lunch equals:

The Blades of Iberia

Wuxia in Moorish Spain. A brotherhood across all religions. Warriors, scholars, poets, who fight "The Absence" - monsters whose appearance silence all prayers, all holy books are blank, etc. A literal theological problem- if nothing is more powerful than God, what is this force that can do this? The Blades struggle to put an end to it, while the Caliphate struggles with politics and the holy men refuse to acknowledge it's existence (non-existence?).

I'm seeing sword duels running along high walls, theological debates while circling inner gardens, dueling musicians on rooftops at sunset, and crazy style conflict- a period piece Matrix. You could dial up or down the romanticism vs. the struggles of a multicultural society- the native Iberians, Christians, converts, Jews, the Arabs, the Berbers, the East African soldiers, etc. A secret battle against monsters against a backdrop of struggle, politics and war.

I need to find/make more time in life to play this kind of stuff.


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