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Finally got to watch the copy a homey hooked me up with (took a few months to get my DVD drive working again... long story).

Was it entertaining? Yes. Was it epic? Yes. Still, I think there were some scenes that could have done with less of (10 minutes of burning ships? I get the point already) and some scenes I wanted to see more of (badass women soldiers? Training scenes? Hell yeah). The fighting was pretty brutal, though, at a point, repetitious (and this is me, I like good fight scenes).

It seems more like it's intended as a "movie experience" than a story. Which is... kinda, eh, given what I've seen John Woo do in normal 90-120 minute movies. Still, it didn't feel bad for a 4 hour movie. I liked how the story didn't actually focus on Liu Bei, which is pretty typical for Romance of the 3 Kingdoms retellings.

The CG and few over-the-top stunts didn't fit too well for me. I feel like they should have gone with less high-tech stunts for a lot of stuff so they could pour more effort into the ones they did use. Stunt-wise, because so much of it appeared gritty, the few uberstunts didn't fit the mood they had. It's like if it got notched a little more realistic OR a little more wuxia I could have accepted it.

Still, a fun watch, and makes me excited to go back and read Ro3K stuff some more.
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Willow has an excellent post on Hollywood racism.

Though it spirals around the issues of Avatar the Last Airbender, the real issues she talks about- that Hollywood has roles for us, that these roles reflect what white supremacists (from white liberals to klansman) imagine are the "proper" roles for us in society, that Hollywood finds our cultures, our stories, our creations compelling if only it could have white people instead - these issues are really the bigger picture that is the problem.

Go read!
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Ended up re-watching The Debut, and being the geek that I am, looked up what Wikipedia had to say:

Right after Gene finished shooting the first 10 mins of his thesis project, he sent the movie script to potential financial backers and was turned down. Gene and John went around Hollywood, "shopping" the idea of The Debut to all the major Hollywood studios(Disney, Warner Bros., MGM, Paramount, 20th Century Fox, Columbia, Universal). Most of the studio executives didn't know what a Filipino/Filipino American was and told him the film needed a white actor in a lead so the film can be marketable.

Um. Living in California (or anywhere on the West Coast) and you don't even know WHAT a filipino IS? Seriously?


The most difficult role to cast was finding the love interest of Ben. Most of the females that auditioned were, light skinned Filipinas or Half Filipino/European females or as Gene puts it, "Miss Saigon Girls." Actress Joy Bisco was chosen after she heard at a club they were looking for dark skin Filipino American actresses.

Colorism, roles for darker women, etc. Guh.


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