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When a troll feels wronged by a statement of behavior*, they will then go on to act in a fashion that completely verifies the statement they are objecting to.

*Whether the statement was actually about them or they magically MADE it about them in troll-think.


"I'm not stalking you! I'm going to look up your posts on another site and read them all!"
"I'm totally not racist! I'll silence any person of color who says otherwise!"
"Gamers never act brain damaged! I'll randomly spam a forum with non-sequitur statements that look like someone posting while high!"

Go on, I'm sure you can play along as well!
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Reading about the most recent "Self Help/Men's Awareness" scandal, I'm thinking a bit about how much these things are like grotesque appropriations from traditional societies, and the results we keep seeing- cult behavior and straight up harm to people.

Traditional initiatory religious practices often use applied stressors as well as specific ritual action to disrupt a person's sense of self and re-arrange it. I suspect the big changes we've seen in modern society is this: you're not in a community where you have to live with this person around, for the rest of your life.

That's not to say there isn't room for abuse, or often enough, historical examples of abuse, but that at least, if nothing else, there is a motivation on your part and others around you to try to limit that stuff- because at the end of the day, you still need a functioning member of your community, and, hopefully one who won't flip out and leave your ass in a ravine with a broken leg.

I'm thinking the fact that nearly all of these modern groups are basically profit-driven enterprises, with attendees from around the country or larger area, but not in close community, means the incentive to actually give a damn about what happens to them drops, not to mention the ability to see what the long term outcomes of these practices are.

In many ways, the hard protocols and traditions of older societies involved with this stuff usually is based in the idea of trying to limit variables and results of what kind of people you "make" in the process.

(This isn't to say there isn't a lot of "traditional" groups now that have been modernized in the same way with the same issues. ATRs that demand $3000 for initiations or guru traditions in which adherents meet from around the country once a year... Again, though, I think the core issue is that it's no longer based in a small community setting.)

The sad thing is that this is pretty much the same problem we talk about when we talk about cultural appropriation - you can copy the obvious, but do you know the full context of what and why things are being done?

If we look at the benefits people are hoping to get out of sweat lodges, drumming, chanting, meditation, etc., it's a real question why they never bother to also consider that these activities are measured in years or decades of training and practice and not just a simple "How to" booklet.

The idea that there is anything in this world that can help without also containing the potential for harm is dangerous and foolish. It's like assuming every pill in the doctor's bag is good for you, so you can pop them at random to solve your problems.

Of course, it doesn't help that a lot of this is couched in terms of transactional thinking and privilege. "I paid this much money, THEREFORE what I receive must automatically be of value". Or, "I just started this thing, but I know BETTER than the people who've done it for thousands of years how to do it, and you don't REALLY need all those restrictions and rules."

I suppose I could just as well make money teaching people that repeatedly hitting themselves in the head with the Bible brings the Word of God directly into their brains, or something.
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I've discovered a new element: Anti-Holleresium - it exists when you invert the polarity on Hateronium and although it's a fairly widespread element found in most of the human populations in some level, this man is like the fucking Radioactive Man of Anti-Holleresium - I suspect he exudes pure destrado, turning any reproductive capable cells into mini-suicide bombers within your body, causing people to explode and their souls fly screaming through hell to burn off any trace memories of his existence.
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It's a damn good thing that I don't have firearms training, a vest, or a driver's license, otherwise, this could look tempting. It's also good I have enough sense in my head to figure anyone listing for a bodyguard, in Oakland, on Craigslist is sketchy to the Nth degree. The pseudo-mafia photo also means the client has macho ego issues and is probably the type to do stupid shit and get himself shot at...
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Random wiki-surfing on history and religion. Stumbled across something on Nithing.

If the accused did not retort by violent attack, either right on the spot or by demanding holmgang, yielding either the challenging accuser to take his words back or the accuser's death, he was hence proven to be a weak and cowardly nithing by not retorting accordingly

And then you gonna turn around and act "ZOMG they're going to show up and hurt me?"


Don't call up old traditions you don't want to be a part of.

ETA: That should not be taken as a threat, but rather WTF would you say that and then act like you're the victim?
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If you get hit by a car, odds are, the person driving didn't intend to hit you. They didn't even see you.

What does that mean for your battered, bleeding body?

Should you be happy if they say, "Sorry!" and drive away? What more do you want?

Is it their responsibility to help you, or at least get help, or is it your responsibility to teach them how to reset bones, or at the very least how to dial 911 while you slide into shock?

Is it reasonable to expect you to be polite, calm, nice and reassuring while you're screaming "Stop!" as they back the car up on you repeatedly? Why aren't you thinking about their feelings?

Is it sane to expect you to keep frequenting these streets full of careless drivers who never seem to see you and never call for help?

What's your responsibility in this?

And what of the driver?


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