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So. Mehserle got the minimum - 2 years, and the judge threw out the gun enhancement, which would have added 10 years... also counting time served - meaning he'd be in only another 7-8 months.

The rally moved from the Plaza down the street from my apartment. Marching, no breaking anything - but then I counted 25 police cars following, plus a bunch of unmarked cars and party vans. There was at least 3 helicopters circling. Two hours later, there's still at least 1 doing a wide search pattern.

Reports say over 100 people were arrested.

I'm done with supposed politics where folks say they're against government oppression and they don't say shit about this stuff. I'm done with supposed activists who talk about marching but got nothing to say here.

Society has ruled black death isn't murder. Again.

And what's gonna come of this? When someone doesn't think they've got anything to lose? You don't want that. You really don't want that.

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A man is murdered in cold blood.

A trial is held. "Intention" "training" etc. Now the man was "accidentally killed". By a professional, trained to use his tools.

A protest is held. But the next day, all the headlines read is "Mobs tear apart Oakland".

No need to state colors here. We know who you're thinking of.

As always, the conjured imagery doesn't match the reality:

Kill our people in the name of justice. Destroy our city in the name of justice.

Your justice always seems to involve the suffering of us, like when you helped civilize the land, like when you kidnapped our children, like when you gave us diseased blankets, like when you stole some of us away, like when you told us we couldn't bring families, like when you refused to pay us for building your infrastructure and ran us out of town, like when you put us in camps, like when you killed us because you couldn't face the rapists in your own communities, like when you gave us, "separate but equal" schools, like every time you put us to an all white jury, like every time you "bring jobs" with poisonous factories to our countries, like every time you "revitalize" our neighborhoods by knocking down our churches and business, like every time you talk about us.

Your justice is a lot like murder, no wonder you stick to your convictions and refuse to give convictions.
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Judge rules it's "ok to taser" in order to get DNA:

Smith was handcuffed and sitting on the floor of Niagara Falls Police Headquarters when he was zapped with the 50,000- volt electronic stun gun after he insisted he would not give a DNA sample.

72 year old woman, tasered over speeding ticket.


Broken back? Taser!

Researching Taxes? Taser!


Jun. 4th, 2009 11:46 pm
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Mehserle is up for murder.

The defense is trying to play the dual claim of:

a) Mehserle thought he was using his taser
("As for the Taser explanation, the judge noted that testimony showed Mehserle had held his weapon with both hands, whereas the right-handed officer had been taught to hold a stun gun with his left hand.")

b) Mehserle thought Oscar was reaching for a gun

("The expert said prosecutors' assertion that Grant had his hands behind his back when he was shot was wrong. He showed an image that he said captured the exact moment of the shot; Grant's left hand appeared to be in the air and moving toward his back.")


More justice, less riots, please.
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Seattle Police officer caught beating a 15 year old girl in a cell. (link goes to article and video is optional)

Remember, this is the same force that also tasered a pregnant woman and has about a shooting or two a year involving unarmed black men being shot in the back.


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