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Reading the most recent white supremacist antics at WorldCon, I've come to an understanding of that damaged way of thinking in privilege:

Only "equals" have the right to be angry.

When you are wronged, you have the right to be angry.

But it's "not wrong" to treat us like shit, in the mind of white supremacist. It's "not wrong" to expect us to be dismissed, silenced, and put to the side. It's "wrong" for us to expect to act as full participants, with full voices. It's "wrong" for us to not have attached ourselves Harujuku girl style to some white person as supporters and hanger-on accessories... after all, wasn't the whole world and everything made for white use?

It's "wrong" for us to protest the logic of megalomaniacal narcissism as a way of life.

When a white person goes on a crazy shooting rampage, the question is always "WHY?!?" There's a desperate need to know how this person, this murderer, wasn't helped, was underserved, was wronged. When a person of color sounds angry? There is no seeking of empathy, no looking for motivations, no seeking of ultimate causes.

An elderly black man yells at a cop. "He's crazy and mean and angry for no reason."
A cop shoots an unarmed child in the back. "Oh, he was scared."

You who blame victims and protect abusers and murderers?

How can you define "rude" when you applaud savagery?
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1. First, don't actually read what you think you're upset about, but immediately launch into a rambling tirade in which you fail to address the topic but instead attack the person, not for what they've said or done, but by bringing up classic lines of reason like, "You're a Nigger With An Attitude" AND a WOMAN to boot!

2. Be the bigger man, and when enough people who you consider people (that is, either white or not women, or at least, exceptional enough in your mind to "not be like those others") get upset enough to advocate, be gracious enough to spare this poor, poor benighted soul the power of your wrath with an offer of dinner that basically works out to:

“Other people have spoken on your behalf because their words matter and I didn’t bother to read yours. You should totally understand my use of genocidal slurs at you because I imagined you said something bad about me. People say a lot of stuff on the internet so I don’t listen to anyone. I’m really awesome. You can come by for dinner and be my New Black Friend (TM) that proves it’s all ok even after I used demeaning words at you.”

It's like he encapsulated the whole Racefail of this year in two steps! Bravo!

Feel free to observe masterful usage of the Art of Defending Racism!
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Aside from his numerous racist rants on his blog (I'm not linking, our blood pressure don't need it), I just found out today that THIS was the cover of one of his first comic runs:

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Random wiki-surfing on history and religion. Stumbled across something on Nithing.

If the accused did not retort by violent attack, either right on the spot or by demanding holmgang, yielding either the challenging accuser to take his words back or the accuser's death, he was hence proven to be a weak and cowardly nithing by not retorting accordingly

And then you gonna turn around and act "ZOMG they're going to show up and hurt me?"


Don't call up old traditions you don't want to be a part of.

ETA: That should not be taken as a threat, but rather WTF would you say that and then act like you're the victim?
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If you get hit by a car, odds are, the person driving didn't intend to hit you. They didn't even see you.

What does that mean for your battered, bleeding body?

Should you be happy if they say, "Sorry!" and drive away? What more do you want?

Is it their responsibility to help you, or at least get help, or is it your responsibility to teach them how to reset bones, or at the very least how to dial 911 while you slide into shock?

Is it reasonable to expect you to be polite, calm, nice and reassuring while you're screaming "Stop!" as they back the car up on you repeatedly? Why aren't you thinking about their feelings?

Is it sane to expect you to keep frequenting these streets full of careless drivers who never seem to see you and never call for help?

What's your responsibility in this?

And what of the driver?
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Via Skyward:

popelizbet's Alternate Timeline of Racefail 09 accurately sums up all the positive stuff done, not "as a result of" but in the face of Racefail. Of course, none of this is really mentioned either by the folks running around saying, "Oh they're all negative" or by the ones saying, "But look at what I learned at your cost, KTHXBAI!"

The fact is, and remains: you can't have productive work and cookies for oppressors in the same basket.

And only to the white supremacists does the latter seem like the former.


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