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The theme song right now.

Today has been up and down.

Putting aside the drama of the morning:
- Conya Doss, Algebra Blessett, oh Imeem, you give me so much new music to listen to
- Tasted possibly the best tea I've EVER tasted. And that's tasting it's 5th or later brewing. It was a puerh like smooth plum water.
- Started thinking about the rehauls I need to make with Emperor's Heart. Taking Ben's advice to heart, I think stepping away for nearly a year is totally what I needed to do.
- Old silat newsletters- with hella info on cultural and religious stuff. Pretty awesome. I'll be reading those tonight.
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I tend to jump around when reading stuff, especially if I've read it before. Took a break from the Mahabharata and re-read The Living Sword and the Shogun Scrolls. I'm not sure if it's actually the writing or simply the translations but generally the Japanese martial arts/philosophy stuff tends not to get so much flowery prose tacked on to it like the Chinese or Tibetan stuff I've read. It's sad, but the mix of spiritual detachment and pragmatic "Sometimes you just gotta cut a fool" is really fitting my mood right now.

I'm thinking I might make Shadow of Yesterday the first game I run on Skype, though I want different setting stuff and tighter character generation. One of the problems I find with looser games is that new people have a hard time building solid concepts sometimes ("Key of Murder, Key of Masochism" are things people pick out of curiosity and silliness, not because it fills a character in mind, etc.) What would be a good setting? I'm feeling vaguely POC focal steampunk but haven't found any passion to it.

I'm signed up for a class on how to train safely, and more efficiently, which includes figuring out how to develop exercises and routines for your specific needs, including which things need more range of motion, more endurance, more stabilization, more motor skills, etc. That's Sunday! AWESOME.

I need to figure out what I'll be doing on the dating front. My homey got solid hits on, so, even though I despise, "It's ok to look" etc. it might be the most efficient way to get out and start dating. (Gained a new crush at school. There's apparently a secret contingent of cute filipino women down in Antioch or something, this would make the third who's come to the school lately...)


Feb. 13th, 2009 06:47 pm
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1. The Berkeley Thai Temple avoids being shut down.

Ironically the discussion I keep coming back to is the ways in which gentrification is held up as an "innocent" process, one without intent (oh intent). The way in which cultural landmarks, places where communities gather and use as anchors are always the first targeted.

Specific to this case, the "innocent neighbors" did everything from accusing the monks of putting addictive narcotics in the food to showing up to yell at the monks and then call the police on the monks. Nevermind that a Christian church could draw 300-600 people every week and not be considered a "threat".

The way in which losing only a little is a victory these days.

2. Microsoft wants to go toe to toe with Apple stores.

I foresee a lot more of their time than they expected being dedicated to trying to explain to customers that they are not responsible for your computer crashing if you loaded it with 3 billion third party apps, illegally downloaded off the internet, and turned off all your firewalls in your urges for peer to peer pr0n... They'll probably also miss the point of free internet and attractive young people as two major draws to the store.

Microsoft needs to understand how it's business model fundamentally differs from Apple and stop trying to put the round peg in the square hole...

3. Karnythia is setting up her own small press publishing house for geeks of color.

As always, if we want to have a voice, it's us having to make space for it. Too bad I'm not a fiction writer.

4. Reading up more on Moorish Spain, I'm both facepalm/lulz about the level of "BUT THE MOORS WEREN'T BLACK PEEPLE, NO SIR" which echoes really, really closely to when the British lost a few thousand soldiers to the Zulus and then suddenly tried to claim, "Clearly the Zulus had Aryan heritage". Meanwhile we got dudes teaching Spain how to be fly, with deodorant and toothpaste.


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