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ANN POWERS: People might be surprised to hear that. But in bigger cities, the various ethnic communites are larger and don't mingle as much.

GEO: That's one of the things about Seattle that's cool. It's big enough to be a city but small enough to be a town. There's a global identity, but there's also very local identity. We grew up, we spent time here, like I know a little bit about the history of Eritrea, and the Philippines, and Vietnam, and Cambodia, because I have friends that all came from these different places. So, New York and L.A., obviously they're cosmopolitan cities, obviously there's people from all over the world there, but in my experience the kind of mixing among those communities that happens here doesn't happen in those other places.
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One of my favorite hiphop groups from Seattle, Blue Scholars, are funding their next album through Kickstarter.

What's really interesting is that this is effectively folks doing "pre-orders" to fund the whole thing.

This can only work after you've built up a fanbase appropriately, but Blue Scholars has always been savvy about targeting their market- they started by hitting up the small out-of-the-way college towns that rarely get hiphop, or music at all. Consistently hitting up these towns on tour not only made money, it was a good way to build a market.

Now, they're kicking $21,000 out of a $24,000 goal in 9 days. Although I don't think this preorder/ransom model is going to be THE way of music in the future, I think it's going to be a significant method.

Town Shit

Mar. 28th, 2010 03:15 pm
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Random 206 hiphop for your enjoyment:

(this one's on some teenage boy shit, but I think y'all can relate to the hair issue):

Bisexual from Class Project on Vimeo.

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We wander between cultures like islands and faraway lands, distanced by time, history, meet at common experiences, trade tales of differences, even within our own, we fight off the piracy of those who would shackle us to the identities they demand we wear, we raid our elders' stories for old roots to make stews of our history, to make our bones strong, cobble together pieces of ourselves to repair the ships to carry us across, we dig tunnels and lay down tracks to build trains to underworld railroads and beyond.

Our hopes and dreams and fears and past and future: built of blood - our own, and others, and so we respect it. Those who throw away pieces of themselves were never meant to sail these waters. So we look to each other, ramshackle and whole, make-do, doing creating, traveling deeper, darker, brighter, hotter in a cold night, guided by lights from our hearts that only the stars dare reflect.

Diasporado, distant, just trying to get to a home in our hearts.
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Man, how many videos gonna use the view from the Bridge? :P


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