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Clearly, I must at some point make a mashup mixtape that's basically the soundtrack to a yet to be released Blaxsplotation 007 movie.

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It's been a hot minute since I've done some music posting! Music on play recently:

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One thing that's nice about classics, is that they never die, they just remix into other classics. Random playlist brought up Groove Theory this morning, and I started looking up remixes:

For my non-90's R&B friends, the original:

A sinister ass Art of Noise Mash up:

Or, uh, Janet Jackson? The idea of Janet ever singing "Tell me you want me too" makes me swoon.
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So. A big sample of R&B ballads from the 80's to early 90's. By no means complete.

It's worth noting that R&B would eventually break into several branches - "Adult contemporary" would later get relabeled "Soul" or rolled into "Soft Jazz", "New Jack Swing" would become the raunchy R&B of the 90's which inherited the "R&B" title today, and "R&B" as a general term would later relabel into simple pop music.

That last bit is pretty interesting, because what we clearly see as pop - say, Janet Jackson or Paula Abdul, at the time was labeled R&B as the shorthand for "black music", also keeping them from competing on the same charts as mainstream music and in some cases, limiting which stations would play them.

On the flipside, the white boy bands of the 90's who were all clearly modeled after The Boys, Gap Band, Guy, New Edition, or Boyz 2 Men were labeled pop, even though they were basically angling the same music direction.

While hiphop gets its props for influencing current music, it's really interesting to see how little the mainstream recognizes how much R&B had a hand in things. While hiphop wasn't getting direct radio play, R&B started opening the door by having songs with rappers getting a verse in on the side, and later, with folks like Mary J Blige, kicking open the door by tossing in a full hiphop beat to their R&B.


The further in the 90's you go, the less ballads show up. Part of it was the dominance of raunchy R&B as the sound of choice for men, and the R&B/hiphop mix for women, but I think the biggest impact was the combination of white boy bands and the reduction of black radio stations.

Since the internet wasn't a viable radio option at that point, radio play was key - instead of trying to compete on the ballad against a highly promoted boy band, most R&B instead went with the raunchy or dance beat cuts that would stand out and still get play on a mainstream station.
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I've found my life's theme song, finally.

Who'd have thought Belgium would be bringing it? Hey look, a hiphop video with a) fully clothed women, b) multiple sized folks, c) natural hair, d) transformers!

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I was looking up music for how I feel, and someone linked this song, which, made me think a lot of Skyward...

Someone else linked this, and homegirl reminds me of an old crush:

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I've been mostly listening to a lot of stuff on Mixcrate, as usual. I'm having a hard time convincing myself to rip my 300-ish CDs until I get an external hard drive... especially since the CD drive on my computer is finicky and a pain to get open sometimes - so it's mostly been whatever is already on the machine or easily downloadable.

Expressions of Rhythm Vol. 1 is some nice chill downtempo stuff that I've had on play consistently for the last week or so.
Silent Occasions being the other chill mix I've been on as well.
DJ Earwaxxx Booty Bang Mix is a pretty hype ass freestyle mix, which brings me back to the 90's and rolling around Alki with racer homeys.
DJ Broky B's Summer Soul Mix is like all the hits from when I used to listen to KFOX & KZIZ... in one mix. FTFW.
Flipman's Conversations with Tamia is like a 90's overdose of goodness.

I'm really feeling Bambu's "A 1992 Kind of Summer" - Distance Resistance & Upside Down are some classic tracks.

It's been several months, but I'm re-listening to the Illinoize remixes, with Atliens still being the jam (full album here: )

Blue Scholars' Big Bank Hank has been some nice sunshine music:

Dubstep + Jpop = true win. I want to find more dub remixes of JPop music.

There's a few music blogs I need to sit down and scan through the last 5 months and see what all I've missed, but aiyah... in time.
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Apparently someone did a Fela Kuti/Michael Jackson mashup album:
Read more... )
The download link keeps dying on me (sad) but y'all should grab it if you can!
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For all the pearl clutching, ZOMG TONE, politeness demanding folks who fear the orc hordes... a little bit of real militancy for you...

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Our humanity invisible, the oppression is subliminal. We hold tight the fragments of history, language, and yes, even our tragedies - these are embers that will allow us to do more than survive as ghosts of ourselves, into humans again, no matter how much they try to take it away.

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James Brown and Pavarotti did a duet of Man's World together?!? HEAD SPLODE. I can't even fully envision what kind of gangster movie this would be in the soundtrack for.


Apr. 6th, 2010 08:47 am
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Man, Breath of Life's Everybody loves the Sunshine mix is really worth checking out. I just discovered N'dambi:

Town Shit

Mar. 28th, 2010 03:15 pm
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Random 206 hiphop for your enjoyment:

(this one's on some teenage boy shit, but I think y'all can relate to the hair issue):

Bisexual from Class Project on Vimeo.


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