Feb. 25th, 2011

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Costume Quest is a downloadable rpg for 360 or PS3. It's by the same studio that dropped Psychonauts years back. It's a very simple, and short (like 6-10 hours) rpg, but silly and fun.

It's Halloween, and Wren and her little brother go trick or treating. Her brother is dressed like a candy corn, and is mistaken for candy by goblins who kidnap him. She goes on a quest to rescue him, and is able to transform into whatever she has as a costume... for example, she's dressed as a robot so she transforms into a giant missle launching mecha during battles.

You quickly make friends with Everett, a black nerd dressed as a knight who often makes D&D-ish references, and later, Lucy, a girl who is very deep into science.

You travel around town, mixing up between fighting the monsters, trick or treating for candy (candy works like money in this game) and seeking out materials and plans to build new costumes with new powers.

Travelling around town and exploring is fun and low stress. There's various side quests, which are not obnoxious and pretty easy to deal with.

Fighting is pretty simple- characters have a basic attack which either gives you a random button to press in a certain amount of time, or a timed button press like a rhythm game. It's pretty low skill, so even my bad-twitch abilities could get about 80% success with it. You also have a similar mechanic for blocking to reduce damage.

Each character also has a special ability depending on the costume, which builds up after a number of basic attacks.

All of the characters' stats are the same- the costumes change the stats, and, you can equip "Battle Stamps" that offer new attacks or adjustments to stats as well.

The simplicity of it means there's not a lot to track, and while there's a good number of fights, they're not random, and if you lose, the game starts you just before you got into the fight, with barely a pause, so you can re-equip or simply bail.

I found it was fun, low commitment, funny, and family friendly. If you want something cheery and engaging, it's not a bad game. I give it 4/5 stars.


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