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On note of positive gatherings.

Since 2001 I've been a part of the Asian Pacific Island Spoken Word Summit - the US-wide (and beyond) gathering of APIA folks who are involved in poetry and activism.

In 2001, it was held in Seattle, hosted by The Isangmahal Arts Kollective (Some of you may know one of the members, Geo of Blue Scholars who worked with I Was Born With Two Tongues to make it happen.

The APIA Spoken Word Summit happens every two years, with workshops and performances, focusing on spoken word, written poetry, music, and activism. This last one was 2009 in Berkeley, which I volunteered along with many other very hard working folks - it was 9 of us, holding down the fort for 300 attendees...

This next year, 2011, in August, the next Summit will be held in Minneapolis, with Bao Phi as one of the main organizers.

If you're a poet, a writer, a performer, an activist in the APIA community, if you've been moved by the words of APIA poets (Yellow Rage, Proletariat Bronze, Illiteracy, Typical Cats, etc.), please consider blocking out some time near the beginning of August to attend either the full Summit or the performances. Or, if nothing else, consider if you can donate $10 towards funding the Summit.

Date: 2010-09-26 06:22 pm (UTC)
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Thanks for the info and links; will donate.

Isangmahal -- one love, I think? -- is a great name.


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