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If you ever wanted to know why I walked away from most of the Indie RPG game communities, this is it, right here.

It's not just that there's a few assholes.

It's the way people just sit there and watch you get dogpiled, who say nothing.

Then show up 10 months later, "Dude, I felt bad about that. Hey, when are you going to write some more articles on Gamism?"

Hell no do I want to help you out or play with you when you watch me get dicked and then make nice with the same people who just shat all over me.
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When you decide to publicly out someone's personal information, you don't know what you're exposing them to.

Maybe they're just private. But maybe they have an abusive ex who's tracking them from years back. Maybe their writings on politics would get them shot. Maybe it'll cost them their job.

You are engaging in violence. You're too damn cowardly to pull the trigger, but you don't know who or what circumstances you might be exposing them to.

Or, maybe you do.
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(Further thoughts on the annual fandom racefail)

So the defense that some folks have fallen back to is that "the anti-racists are all sockpuppets", which is a convenient slogan to toss about without proof, somewhat like Iraqi WMDs, or guilty until proven innocent.

The irony, is, of course, while you can make that claim, the fact that the folks arguing this hadn't considered the fact that the folks on the other side, silencing those points, also could be sockpuppets too. You show your bias even in your defense.

It's like when someone is stupid drunk at a party. They get louder and louder thinking they're looking even more cool, when, they're only digging a deeper and deeper hole. At the end of the night, they've become "That Guy" (as in, "Don't be That Guy").

The fact is, when you create stuff on the internet, after some time, you develop an "average" of how you've chosen to represent yourself. Maybe some folks will only see snippets, but for most of your major interactions, it will be based on the average of how you've represented yourself any time you've written, recorded, or uploaded some aspect of your voice, opinions and thoughts online.

We all say stupid things sometimes. And the internet makes it painfully obvious that we can be reminded, over and over of what we said.

But you can either try to ignore it, talk over it louder and louder, or you can learn from it and fix up your average over time.

Then again, this whole thing is never really about the people who actually want to learn. This is about the people who think they got it all down and "Shut up you" and "You're not smart enough for me to listen to" and all that jazz.

Of course we already know who they are. We've all heard of That Guy. We're just waiting for them to figure it out.


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