Apr. 24th, 2017 08:31 am
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Last Friday, Hope Not Hate filed their libel claim against Nigel Farage.

If you have any spare money you can afford to donate, you can help:

Honestly, I can't imagine anything nicer than watching Farage suffer in court and thinking "yes, I helped make that happen."

Vid/AMV recs?

Apr. 23rd, 2017 10:42 pm
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Thinking of putting together a playlist for the Wiscon Vid Party on morally ambiguous and ambitious women. Anyone have recs for vids or AMVs that showcase power-hungry women? POC characters or characters from games or anime preferred. I'd especially love something on Kuvira from Legend of Korra, Lady Eboshi from Princess Mononoke or Kushana from Nausicaa.

Also, I am feeling old... where does one go to look for vids nowadays? I did find a fair amount of Kuvira vids on YouTube, but nothing I liked so far, and's search is incredibly frustrating.

Currently on the list: [personal profile] feedingonwind's A New Day (Mariah, Luke Cage), [personal profile] shati's Hope on Fire (Mishil, Queen Seondeok), [personal profile] starlady's Shuang Nu (Wu Zetian, Detective Dee).

(no subject)

Apr. 23rd, 2017 10:29 pm
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I had kitchen scraps of green onions so I put them in water and watched them grow (and make my entire apartment smell like green onions). Today I plucked them, chopped them up, and put them in the freezer for later consumption. I'm kind of surprised I managed this as I pretty much have black hands, never mind black thumbs. Note to self: according to this article, green onions are good frozen for a month.

Does anyone purchase from Amazon often? What do you normally purchase from there? I tend to get Amazon gift cards and I never know what to use it for, so I just accumulate them. Not media/entertainment though since I don't need those.

Not Prime Time's sign ups are still open until April 30th. Sign up info. I'm hoping for a ton of requests in fandoms I can potentially write. I love writing treats. :D

Attack on Titan! I got caught up to the episode Soldier and, like usual with this anime, I am D: D: D: about it. Why do I watch an anime that is SO filled with a DNW of mine? Oh yeah, because I want to know the answers to all the questions that have been raised so far. The story is captivating, but urgh, I totally wish I was fluent in Japanese so I didn't have to keep looking at certain scenes time and time again. D:

fiber monday

Apr. 23rd, 2017 10:18 pm
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I want to knit myself a longish cardigan. Reason has asked very nicely whether she might take Cajsa after hearing that it's hard for me to style, to the minimal extent that I care about such things. Though its length is the right thing for my proportions, it looks silly with my shirts, all of which are too long, natch, and I can't tuck them because jeans and slacks never fit my middle (three ways). Because its sleeves aren't full length on me, for her they're wrist-ish, and the difference in shoulder breadth looks charmingly 1980s drop-shoulder on her. Ridiculous. I couldn't have made Cajsa longer due to a lack of yardage, but it's still ridiculous.

At least I know that that manner of knitting neckline-to-armpit fits me and befits me. ___Sand aside (whose CC2 yarn reached me only yesterday), and Little Wave aside (nearly at armpit from bottom up, thanks to a simple motif, though sleeves are next before a complex-sounding yoke join), a plan is taking shape to adapt a not-long cardigan pattern for fingering-weight yarn. I'll have at least five years before Reason could try to seize a longish cardigan from me, by which time I may want to part with one or more of them---who knows. It may be a lot of cardigans, but I haven't managed to keep anything yet (2.Naima, the vest that went to my mother, now Cajsa) and one of my two three-season jackets has begun to wear out visibly. Why not a lot of cardigans, to disrupt a storm-grey jacket and a mushroom-grey jacket and a few flannel shirts. I'd wear a blazer beyond formal talks if they ever fit

Apparently, there's enough remaindered yarn for two garments, despite a few skeins' inclusion in a blanket years ago. (The blanket I'd first set out to crochet, then undone, was a fisher/cabled thing; the blanket that exists is a striped ripple that stopped small because, ah, too heavy to make, the year after I turned 21 and joint woe started to interrupt my sleep sometimes.) I had no idea what thirty 50g skeins of aran-weight wool could be for, back then. It's lucky that it's still in good shape and that I've learned a bit since.

To-Watch List

Apr. 23rd, 2017 11:24 pm
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Finally - finally - I have finished watching Wedding Peach. I forgot how much I'd enjoyed the manga, and the anime followed suit pretty well (in terms of enjoyment; I can't remember whether all of the plot points mirror, though I suspect they don't), though it got pretty intense towards the end. The OVAs were a nice refresher, though not without problems.

The important thing is, it's time for me to start watching a new anime! And boy do I have a lot to choose from.

The list, in no particular order )

I think that's it? I've. I've got a lot of watching to do. I need to figure out what I'm in the mood for.

(Way up high on the Definitely Gonna Watch This list is Tokyo Godfathers, since I checked it out from the library today. So at least that's one decided.)

Current listening

Apr. 23rd, 2017 06:31 pm
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Assorted amusing kpop tidbits for you:

embedded videos behind cut )

some things

Apr. 23rd, 2017 02:04 pm
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* Before the Ace Attorney team spun off Gyakuten Kenji (Ace Attorney Investigations) featuring Edgeworth, there was a plan to focus the game on Ema Skye instead. AAI was all right, but zomg, there could've been an Ema = Akane game. Nnngh, as Edgeworth says sometimes in the US localization.

* It's a bit wacky to find that several writers whose Ace Attorney fics I find tolerable have also written for Persona 4 and/or The World Ends with You. Read more... )

* Total change in topic! MRI result: Read more... )

* Still coughing.

Equinox vids!

Apr. 23rd, 2017 12:58 pm
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The vids are live in the first [community profile] equinox_exchange; you can view the entire collection of 54 new vids on the Archive.

I made one vid. I think it is very obvious, but I have never yet been successfully guessed on the Festivids guessing posts. Maybe you can break the streak via the Equinox guessing post.

I have not had much time to browse the collection because I was marching for science yesterday. It was a nice day in San Francisco, not too sunny but not too cold. As well as knowing again that we weren't alone, it was nice to know that for a few hours we were exactly where we should be. Also, we ate delicious tacos at the Ferry Building.

I received two vids, both for Deep Space Nine:

I Lived (4 words) by Anonymous
Summary: Hope if everybody runs, you choose to stay.


Pundits and Poets (3 words) by Anonymous
Summary: xoxoxoxo

They are both extremely heart-warming. ♥

Updates: Swancon, back home.

Apr. 23rd, 2017 01:25 pm
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I flew back from Swancon last Tuesday. Plane landed ahead of schedule. It was 4am. Spent a couple of days adjusting. It was a bit of a culture shock coming back to Singapore.

But Swancon has been awesome: nourishing to the soul and uplifting my spirits.

(no subject)

Apr. 22nd, 2017 10:59 am
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Hawaii gives Jeff Sessions a geography lesson
I was born and raised in Hawaii, so I'm super proud that Hawaii refused to take Sessions' insult and responded with some bite.

I donated $5 to Jon Ossoff for his runoff election in Georgia. He was so close to winning outright and was 2% away from that goal. Now he has to go up against a woman who, when she was part of Komen, revoked funding to Planned Parenthood (this was years ago, she left Komen shortly since, and the decision was reversed soon after, but it doesn't seem like her mind has changed whatsoever on that score).

I'm working on my fourth crochet hat in my 25 hat goal for a local charity donation. I am a slow crocheter, but since the weather is getting hotter, I have months before the hats are needed here. Since I'm donating money towards Democrats winning their elections, crocheting with my big box of yarn and donating with crafts is a nice balance.

I've also been calling my reps about various issues for my state. I have one GOP senator who has pretty much been voting for everything 45 has wanted and a Democratic senator and representative who has been fighting against 45. I thank the latter two and lodge my complaints with the former. Even if the GOP senator's mind won't change (likely), I hope my calls are annoying him and his office. I'll be that gnat, GOP senator!

Hit the ground running

Apr. 22nd, 2017 11:32 am
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So yeah, I don't imagine we are headed for anything except a Tory victory (yes, we could theoretically get another freaky none-of-the-polls-predicted-this result, but that would be too damn nice of the universe).

But anything we can do to limit their power and make it hard for them to claim an absolute mandate will help limit the damage. And we can also try to stomp on UKIP's attempts to creep in around the margins.

Google Docs: How To Vote To Stop The Tories (see the FAQ for notes explaining how and why particular choices were made)

Note: Wikipedia gives details of past election results in your constituency, so you can verify and also look at exact details.

Local elections are on May 4, and are important in themselves as well as an indicator of which ways the political winds are blowing. And fewer people vote in them.

Hope Not Hate have a fresh new website and an election fund to fight far-right candidates in any constituency they might have a chance of winning. They are really good at this and have pissed off UKIP no end.

Vote. Make your friends vote. Make everyone you know vote. If nothing else, it's good practice. One day it may matter.


Apr. 20th, 2017 11:49 pm
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From the handout at the Borderlands reading:

CHERIS: Every card in this deck is the Deuce of Gears!

JEDAO: Only way to play!

(This is only funny if you've read the book or, possibly, "The Battle of Candle Arc.")

sketches of the day

Apr. 20th, 2017 11:46 pm
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Or: your daily catten.

Top: a napping catten.
Bottom: she moved!

Ink: Diamine Eclipse.
Pen: Conklin crescent-filler.

and a sketch of the dragon in her Hamilton T-shirt )

(no subject)

Apr. 20th, 2017 07:28 pm
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What the hell has been going on lately? Feels like every other friend I've encountered online and off has been struck by depression, all at once. I've been hella depressed too, and it's a fucking miracle to be able to write just a measly 400 words a fucking day. I can't get out of bed earlier than 10am, I get to campus around noon, and I stay until maybe 6pm, come home, eat, and then I have no idea what happens to my brain.

I've taken to sleep aid pills, which IDK, I don't think I've had this problem with the liquid version? I'll go back to the liquid version and see if that's any different. But really, shit like ZZZquil is meant for occasional use, not regular use. Blargh. And then there's the fact that I can sleep 8 hours and still wake up feeling under-rested and like hot garbage. I'm going to the fucking doctor. It's time for my yearly physical anyway. I just feel terrified because I've been devouring so much shitty food I'm pretty sure I'm pre-diabetic
by now =(

I thought I finished editing my first chapter, but now that I think about it, after having sent it off, it's not really done and needs a concluding paragraph that pulls the argument together. Argh. I'm gonna try to look it over again tomorrow and see what I can do. They said the editing stage was easier, it was the first draft that was the hardest, but I think that's a god damn fucking lie!

I'm trying to walk more too, for Pokemon Go, but ugh, IDK, IDK.
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Disclaimer: I have (once) met the Honourable Member for Aberdeen North, who may or may not be bigger than a seagull.

Nonetheless, I feel I am not too biased in my admiration that she managed to legitimately ask this question in Parliament. Good work.

(no subject)

Apr. 19th, 2017 09:22 pm
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Not Prime Time sign ups are open! Sign ups close April 30th and there is a great mix of platonic, singular gen, and romantic relationships from a wide variety of fandoms to choose from in the tag set.

Yay, people are still commenting on the [community profile] gardening post I made earlier this month. And someone just added another post asking advice for their new garden. \o/ I didn't create the comm, but I want to see more life in it and there are seedlings. ;)

If you're looking for a comment fic comm on DW, there's [community profile] fic_promptly. I love how organized they are (there's a pinboard of filled and unfilled prompts) and how there are different themes daily (cept weekends). You can leave prompts, but I try to fill prompts.

I've been eating this chocolate fudge bundt cake all day because I had plenty of it left over from Sunday and I don't want it to go bad. Nomnom, cake.
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Because someone requested one. I've also added it to my website.

High faction
Hexarch Rahal Iruja
Emblem: the scrywolf (also known as "execution wolf")
Motto: many lenses, one mind
Colors: gray and bronze
Faction ability: signifier scrying, which helps them in interrogations, but is not as good as actual mind-reading--think of it as slightly more reliable Tarot readings. and more )

Since I am a tease, I will admit that my continuity bible also includes write-ups of the major characters and what they all think of each other, but I am not sharing on the grounds that it would spoil the entire trilogy!

(no subject)

Apr. 19th, 2017 05:40 am
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I kinda want to start a Dreamwidth community dedicated to posting/sharing infographics. I mean, as soon as I thought of the idea, I was sure that one already existed, because how could one not? Only there... isn't one? Currently only three users even list "infographics" as an interest, and no one lists any of the variations I could think of. (I mean, I only tried three, but still.)

I am seriously tempted to start one. Part of my brain is definitely screaming at me over the mere thought of more responsibilities; the part that's on a continuous loop of, "Why isn't there such a community already, there should be one, I could make it and it wouldn't be very difficult I'm sure," is not quite as loud, but is going a lot faster so I'm less likely to notice any flaws in its arguments.

Probably this will just turn into one of those things where I'm in love with an idea and don't do anything about it, but possibly, just possibly it will turn into one of those things that I actually do.

(Unless someone else wants to do it for me, which I encourage. I might also accept someone doing it with me, but see again: Brain screaming that it's a bad idea, executive dysfunction, etc.)

2016 books I didn't write up, 3 of 3

Apr. 18th, 2017 10:10 pm
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Joy Totah Hilden, Bedouin Weaving of Saudi Arabia and Its Neighbours: may even have been 2015, not 2016. Ahem. If the book is as it says, it's an enormously important contribution to documenting how things could be discerned during the 1980s, when the author did her fieldwork. (I can't gauge.)

Susan Whitfield, Life along the Silk Road (2d ed., 2015): these are reconstructive stories by a historian, the current director of the Int'l Dunhuang Project, which I mentioned very briefly in 2010. It's great, at least as far as I got: the copy I was reading was in, so my access vanished when I resigned from my former job. Since I'm still whittling down my research-library borrowings (there's a limit to how many times I may renew with my current status), I haven't sought a paper copy yet.

Carol Feller, Short Row Knits: knitting how-to book interspersed with illustrative patterns. I'll never have Feller's knack for design or fit, but none of the skills/tactics were new to me, unexpectedly. Also, though we're about the same size, I know now that we're not the same garment size at all and her standalone Bakersville pattern will probably never work for me. More unmodifiability.

Anne Sibley O'Brien, The Legend of Hong Gildong: children's picture book. O'Brien grew up in Korea from age seven as the child of white Christian missionaries during the 1960s; of the half-dozen colonializing texts I've read so far by white Christians constructing their own Koreas, this is the friendliest, most sympathetic, least bad. FWIW. Her autobio essay interests me for acknowledging culture shock upon her return to the US for college: of course, yet few individuals seem to have the ?courage to discuss more than one direction of it. (Note that O'Brien also discusses her subsequent adoption of a Korean child in the linked essay.)

Kiss Him, Not Me

Apr. 18th, 2017 10:59 pm
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The latest anime Joe picked out for our Bad Anime Date Night turned out to be Mostly Good Anime Date Night: Kiss Him, Not Me. There are parts of the premise that I was not thrilled with, but you can go in with a summary and skip episodes one, two, and four and you're good to go for the rest. There are twelve episodes in total; we watched on Crunchyroll.

So, the premise: Serinuma is a fat high school girl and fujoshi (a female fan of m/m relationships in media). Her current anime crush is the character Shion from the Mirage Saga. When Shion dies in the season finale of Mirage Saga, she is thrown into a week-long funk in which she doesn't eat. This causes her to lose weight and become conventionally really, really hot. At this point, three hot guys who she used to, uh, perv on with her friend, another fujoshi, start hitting on her; fourth hot guy also goes along because he likes people but is kind of oblivious as to the situation. And a few episodes in, a hot, rich, doujinshi-drawing lesbian also falls for Serinuma--she was actually looking for Serinuma at their school earlier, because Serinuma sent her fanmail about one of her doujinshi, and they are basically kindred spirits, but she had first met Serinuma when she was fat and didn't recognize thin!Serinuma. The anime follows the shenanigans that happen as the four hot guys + Shima (the lesbian) attempt to court Serinuma without letting anyone else "gain an advantage."

What I'm not thrilled with: I have the first volume of the manga, which felt like it treated the weight issue a little better. In the anime, Serinuma's seiyuu voices Serinuma in a more parodic manner when she's fat vs. when she's thin. I also think three of the four hot guys are assholes for basically ignoring Serinuma before she becomes hot and therefore "worthy" of their attention, although there is some character growth later on. Episode 1 introduces Serinuma-as-fat, episode 2 briefly has some fat jokes so your choice as to whether you want to deal with that or just skip the episode (it's not crucial and is not one of the funnier ones), and episode 4 5 [thanks to [personal profile] actiaslunaris for the correction] features a brief subplot in which Serinuma temporarily gains her weight back and then loses it again, and how the guys react to that.

What I loved: Serinuma is a sweetheart, and I really liked her a lot. The mangaka apparently is/was a fujoshi, so the viewpoint is sympathetic toward fans of BL (boys' love). Serinuma and Shima are hilariously enthusiastic in all sorts of recognizably fannish ways, most notably during the shipping war episode in which one of them ships AxB and the other ships BxA [1]. And of course there's a lot of meta humor referring to otome games and so on.

[1] Yup, noncommutative notation.

And, best of all? The anime sticks the landing in a way that is completely supported structurally by the opening. I'll put spoilers in ROT13:

Va gur ynfg rcvfbqr, gur svir jub unir pehfurf ba Frevahzn unir pbasrffrq gurve srryvatf gb ure, naq va beqre gb qrpvqr jub fur'f vagrerfgrq va, Frevahzn qngrf rnpu bar sbe n qnl. Va gur raq, ubjrire, nf fur'f ylvat va ure ebbz gelvat gb hachmmyr ure srryvatf, fur'f jngpuvat gur GI, naq vg gheaf bhg gung Zventr Fntn vf tbvat gb unir n frpbaq frnfba va juvpu Fuvba jvyy or oebhtug onpx sebz gur qrnq. Frevahzn fubjf hc gb gnyx gb ure svir fhvgbef naq oyhegf bhg gung ure gehr srryvatf ner (fgvyy) sbe gur navzr punenpgre Fuvba (erzrzore, gur qrcgu bs ure qribgvba gb Fuvba jnf jung tbg ure vagb guvf fvghngvba gb ortva jvgu!) naq fur onooyrf bhg ure cynaf gb cvpx hc zrepunaqvfr naq fb ba, naq gura qnfurf bss, jvgu gur bgure svir ehaavat nsgre ure. Vg jnf cresrpg. V jnf greevsvrq gung gurl jrer tbvat gb cnve ure jvgu Zhgfhzv, gur avpr thl jub vavgvnyyl jnfa'g rira njner ur unq srryvatf sbe ure; univat ure raq hc jvgu Fuvzn jbhyq unir jbexrq, ohg guvf raqvat--jurer Frevahzn vf gehr gb ure shwbfuv angher--vf rira orggre, V guvax.

There are other fun bits, like parody references to popular anime/manga (Grey Butler, Attack on something-that-wasn't-Titan, Prince of Badminton), the obligatory ghost, I hope there's fic for this show. Especially if it goes to the parody place, the harem place, or the meta place (or all three!).


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