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Apparently someone did a Fela Kuti/Michael Jackson mashup album:
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The download link keeps dying on me (sad) but y'all should grab it if you can!
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Imagine the most awesome X-wing dog-fight you can imagine. Now make the X-wings owls. And the owls are ninjas.

Now that my inner 12-year-old has summarized how I feel about this movie, let me say I really really enjoyed it.

So the basic storyline is that there's a group of evil owls calling themselves "The Pure Ones" who are basically trying to raise an owl-supremicist nation by kidnapping kid-owls to raise as soldiers or slaves.


Opposing them are the Guardians, who have been hidden away in isolation, for a few generations at least, to the point most assume it's just legend at this point.

The story follows Soren, a young owl who is kidnapped by the Pure Ones, escapes, and his journey to seek the help of the Guardians.

The story manages to do the hero's journey without falling into the usual annoying tropes - Soren does important things without becoming THE CHOSEN ONE or surpassing the other characters- it's pretty clear he's outclassed by most of the other characters, even at the end.

Actually, part of what I loved about this movie was all the annoying tropes it didn't dive into- the wacky misfit characters get just enough screen time you get who they are without making you want to beat them to death. The villains tell you what they're about, but don't do huge exposition or speeches - it's all pretty short and to the point.

I thought there'd be only one, but there's actually three awesome female owls who are each badass.

Graphics-wise, it was ridiculous. So much gets communicated through facial expressions. Beautiful scenery, amazing fight scenes, just perfect. The normal shots were great and the money shots were WTF.

If you're in the mood for a fun, action-ey movie, that is just well crafted... and you have a penchant for flying ninja fights, this movie is really worth seeing.
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Res has an album for free download! (zip file) Booklet PDF.

Yes I've waited 8 years for her to do another full album.


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