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Study indicates social power results in poor behavior.

"It's an incredibly consistent effect," Mr. Keltner says. "When you give people power, they basically start acting like fools. They flirt inappropriately, tease in a hostile fashion, and become totally impulsive." Mr. Keltner compares the feeling of power to brain damage, noting that people with lots of authority tend to behave like neurological patients with a damaged orbito-frontal lobe, a brain area that's crucial for empathy and decision-making. Even the most virtuous people can be undone by the corner office.

I guess we can see where the whole issue of normal folks being incredibly racist, sexist or homophobic comes up- once the power difference is great enough, suddenly the nice boy down the street is one of the 10 kids beating up the foreigner...

This sadly only confirms privilege as socially groomed narcissistic personality disorder.
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Ultrasound used to kill off sperm temporarily.

Of course, until we have nanotech wiping out all STDs, I'm sticking with rubbers, because I love my business.
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I'm hella down.

Austin Sendek, a physics student at UC Davis, wants the number of 10 to the 27th power -- a trillion trillions -- to officially become "hella" big.

Along the lines of using the "kilo" prefix for kilometers or "giga" for gigabyte, Sendek is petitioning the International System of Units (SI) to use the term "hella" to describe really, really big measurements; such as the size of the universe.

"The diameter of the universe is 1.4 hellameters," Sendek said. "You know if someone says that's 'hella meters' you know exactly what they're talking about."

Under Sendek's proposed terminology, you would say the mass of the earth is six hellagrams, and the power of the sun is 0.3 hellawatts.

6 Hellagrams. That's global slanging right there.


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