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I'm a little too tired and jaded to really be emotionally up about Troy Davis.

Which isn't to say it isn't fucked up, but rather, yes it's fucked up AND that it's fucked up the way in which white liberals hop onto a cause of the week and proceed to do what, for them, is the most entertaining and exciting form of protest, and also the least useful.

Racialized death sentencing is generations old. Police forcing false witness testimony is also not new. So now everyone's calling the governor and holding vigils.


Where's the forming of a solid voting block? How about getting together lawyers to draft some legislation (banning death penalties, better appeals processes, police accountability)? Will there be serious education about all of this, tomorrow, next week, or next year? Or will it all have disappeared, because none of that is as "fun" or exciting as having a rally?

I'm thinking also about all the white liberal folks who say they're up for "teaching Obama a lesson" - how nice and privileged it is to consider voting for someone else, people who aren't declaring you non-people and that your health rights or ability to have full rights under the law aren't in question.

I saw white people saying, "Don't play the race card!" when talking about Troy Davis. Really? With the next gay bashing, will we say, "Don't play the Queer card!!!"?

MLK's quote about the white moderate being a bigger obstruction to justice than the plain haters is still true. I think in these cases, we've got justice tourists- people who are happy to march so they can say they marched and feel good about themselves and it's really just too bad that people died/injustice happened anyway. It lets them enjoy their hate on for "the man" as a fun crusade, and not as something that deals with their community's survival or their own.

All the white savior narratives have them being worshipped for helping the POC and taking down the 1 or 2 white people running the hate operation, none of those stories show them having to sacrifice everything because white culture doesn't change easily, or without showing the worst of it's evil to those dismantling it.

It's easy to hold a vigil for a night. It's tough to live life on the job of changing things, because nearly everything needs to be changed.

Date: 2011-09-21 10:45 pm (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] jhameia
"justice tourists" is a precise term to describe them.

Date: 2011-09-22 02:24 am (UTC)
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A part of me, a very small part, believes that there's a percentage among the 'justice tourists' who like to think they know what's going on, and are surprised to find out (even if they're not thinking of it in terms of privilege), just how much they don't know, how much is going on just beside the corner of their eye that they don't see. So they jump to the quick and the flash to make a statement WHILE trying to figure out what next to do.

Problem is, in situations where time seriously matters? When things are getting to the crunch? Which is usually when the noise gets louder; it's WAY past the time for leaping into the trenches, building foundations and bridges and all the rest. All that's left is matching/raising the noise - which does nothing constructive at all, except cause more 'omg how could I have missed this!' to 0join the ranks, make more noise, nothing happens, they feel crushed, and then a big percent of that small percent, DON'T go out there and do anything further.

My problem is, I'm not sure the difference between the gobsmacked and the justice tourists, is all that different in the end. And I'm not sure that one person in 300 or 500 who catches a clue and puts foot to pavement to work for change, is worth enduring the pantomime/pandemonium.


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