Aug. 13th, 2011

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I remember seeing the preview for this like a year or two back and thinking, "That looks awesome.", but, over the years, I've been so jaded by neat previews and bad or meh movies it got filed away and forgotten.

It's on Netflix Instant Streaming and this movie is fucking win.

Queen Hijau is beset on all sides by enemies and raiding see pirates who are led by Prince Raval and his pirate sorcerer Black Raven. The queen hopes to marry her sister, Princess Ungu, to an allied country to bolster their military strength before everything comes tumbling down.

Fighting the pirates is the Chinese weapons engineer Lim Kium, the hardcore royal guard Jarang, and Paree the village fisherman/warrior-mystic who utilizes Dulum, a type of magic that allows you to divine from the water and control aquatic life.

There's a lot of interesting characters and I really felt this was fun to watch. It feels like it should have been a tv series or extended series of movies with more time to develop all these folks.

Let's see - crazy sorcery in battle, cannon fights, a mix of different cultures (Thai, Javanese, Japanese, Chinese, asian Muslim, etc.), giant boat battles... yeah, this movie has a lot going on.

The movie does give us a lot of awesome women, but doesn't let them shine or do as awesome things as the men (of course)...and we end up with 3 sacrificial women along the way (of course), but I like the fact that really, the Queen remains an important character throughout and is proactive in getting her nation solid.

The fights are ok for most of the movie, getting better towards the end, but you do get to see a lot of different weapons, including kris blades, scimitars, pistols, rifles, swords, shields, tiger claws, blowguns, crossbows, bows, and cannons all at work. Oh and sorcery-magic attacks as well.

There is a rape scene and a near-rape scene, both of which are short but, they're there.

I'm giving this movie 4/5, big thumbs up on POC focal story, action, cracktastic epic battle scenes, magic, great costumes, and fun characters, and I wish the awesome women got to show us more of their awesomeness and the other women weren't sacrificial.


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