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Games I want to run/play:

D&D 4th Edition

I have a POC focal setting in mind (don't I always?). But basically I'd like to focus more play on social interactions and classic adventuring ("Guide the boat past the rapids!",etc.) with only one or two fights a night. And a heavy focus on Quests, with players making the majority of them. I think 4E has both gone a lot further in making tactical combat AND a lot further in non-combat stuff, but the latter part is overlooked. I really want to highlight that. Sadly, I can't see running it over Skype.

Bliss Stage

Post apocalyptic teenage angst. In giant robots powered by love. In a dream world. It's mostly the teenage angst mixed with robotic psycho damage that appeals to me. But it's also a damn great game.


Matrix paranoia in the world of the collective unconscious. I really like the "intense pressure-cooker" effect the game makes in terms of the missions and the agents just trying to get out alive. The rules are easy enough, though getting folks to catch the setting will be harder.

Full Light, Full Steam

This would be a long term game. Steampunk space game. I'd really need a solid group to do this. Though it'd be easy enough to strip the setting, I really want to play with the idea of a steampunk setting dealing with the colonized nations and their role as tools of England, etc. (of course, it always ends in revolution!, but, for that to mean something, I really want to explore the complexities.) It means a lot to me as a diaspora kid...

Primetime Adventures

I'd love to do an X-men academy kind of game with this. This is likely to be the first game I end up running in the future because the rules are easy, I can do it over Skype, and more of my friends are into X-men/superhero stuff and it's easier to communicate than a lot of the other games.

Date: 2009-04-18 10:09 pm (UTC)
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Re: 4th Edition Game.

Maybe via Google docs, with every player writing down what their character is doing in different coloured text. You'd have to go honor system on the dice, but text rp would also let you explore Questing in a different way, maybe.

Some days I don't like talking so text communication seriously appeals to me.


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